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What's PRESTO?

PRESTO provides total solution to development teams from website building to token issuing.
Investors can invest their assets in reliable projects and keep track to their fund in a secure way.
1 Build Team

2 Write Whitepaper

PRESTO provides total solution for issuing and distributing token.
3 Make Website

4 Deploy ERC20 Token Contract

5 KYC, AML Process

6 Token Sale in PRESTO Platform

7 Team Enhancement

8 Project Development


PRESTO is a token sale platform with smart contract generator that follows DAICO model to protect investors, and to reduce the cost of the token sale process. The ultimate goal of PRESTO is to be an incubator or an accelerator for sound and vigorous token sale ecosystem. By providing automated generation of standard smart contract like ERC20, investors will be able to invest in various projects safely. Feel free to search sound projects in PRESTO


Easy, Convenient, and Reliable

You can issue your own tokens and raise fund with PRESTO easily. You don't need to know the Solidity language for smart contract, website development and design for token sale. Every steps are easy and simple. You just enter some predefined forms.

Applied DAICO Model

Token investors always have a risk of scam. By adopting DAICO model introduced by Vitalik Buterin, investors are protected from the possibillity of a scam by providing step-by-step withdraw and conditional refunds.

Legally Safe

Creating token in a blockchain business is sensitive when it comes to legal matters. Developers will be able to solve this problem through a formal process for token sales.

Usage of Presto Token In the System

Tokens will be easy to acquire and users will be able to use all the features of the platform by using it. Developers will also gain their funds in token which will be used to develop their items.

Additional Services and DEX

The integrated platform includes token market with a bug- bounty and other outsourcing tasks. It will also provide decentralized exchange which will create more comfortable environment for future development.



Project Initiation


Construct Website, Publish Light Paper


Publish White Paper


Develop Smart Contract Autogenerator Prototype


Open PRESTO Token Sale Platform Prototype


Main Launch of the PRESTO Platform


Release DAICO Suite, Smart Evaluation System


Release Automated Token Sale Platform


Open DEX



Token Distribution Plan

One billion tokens will be distributed by below standard.


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